IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Tips and Tricks-Get Your Tatkal Tickets in Just 30 Seconds

IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Tips and Tricks-Get Your Tatkaal Tickets in Just 30 Seconds. Tatkal Ticket is Toughest Challenge now days for getting a confirmed Ticket. Today Guys we Are sharing our Trick to Get Tatkal Ticket in Just 30 Seconds Confirmed.For Any Query Please Comment we are happy to help You

How to book a tatkal ticket in just 30 sec From IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Tips and Tricks ?

1) First of all, Download Chrome extension from here

2)Install The Extension.

3)After Successfully Installation.You See a blue Train Logo From Top Right Side Of the Chrome.Just click it

4)Now A page is open click on IRCTC Autofill Form.

5)Now Fill The Form Like username,password,date of journey,name age, seat preferences,mobile number etc.Don’t Fill The Train Number and Class .For Payment method just read my 14th and 15th step.

6)When The Form is Totally Fill.Then Click On  Save Button.

7)Now open A New Tab in the Chrome and Don’t close the irctc autofill form page.You can see that your username and password automatically fill and captcha is too much zoom just enter captcha and login.

8)Once you login you will see that all your destination and date is automatically fill.You will just click on class.For further Checking of the Extension and detail you choose any date and Click On Book Now you will see that all details Automatically,here only to fill captcha only check your details here.If all thing are correct just logout.

9)Now Synchronize your pc clock with internet time.Click On time and change date time settings and then internet time tab and update now.

10)Be Ready For the Ticket.Just Login on 9.58 am for Ac and 10.58 for Slipper.

11)Now all Details will Automatically Fill and you see a additional clock right top side this clock  synchronize with irctc time .Now  every After 30 seconds click on class when time is reaches to 9.59.55 am for AC 10.59.55 am for Slipper and click on the class.

12)Now click On Book Now.You will see all the details will automatically fill and you want to enter the captcha only.

13)Now click on next after 20 seconds if your page load slower just click it,if it is load faster just click on next.

14)The most Important part is come is payment if You ICICI,HDFC,CITIBANK Debit cards you can fill the autofill form with your details of the debit and type your password there ,if You don’t have these bank debit cards then just disable the autofill auto payment mode.

15)You will see that it directly goes to the when you have above cards and fill the form correctly just enter the captcha and password.IF you don’t have any above cards then just select paytm as a payment mode.Once the Paytm payment page is open just click pay with QR Code.Now Scan the QR code with Paytm. Once the payment is Confirmed paytm is giving transaction number just enter the last four digit in the transaction and click on Confirm.The Paytm Payment is much faster than Other bank Debit/Credit Cards and also it gives 100% successful rate.

16)You will see that your ticket is booked is just 30 seconds.


Our Suggestions is Please make Sure You have minimum 512 kbps is it enough for booking ticket.You can see many website is written that minimum speed is 2 mbps our analysis said that internet speed is not matter in the irctc.For Payment you Can ICICI,HDFC and CITIBANK Debit Cards.IF You don’t have these debit cards then just Use Paytm with QR Code this Very Faster and 100% Successful. 

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